Reflex Gallery is pleased to present a set of recent works by Daniel Firman. All sculptures in the exhibition Switch Up revolve around the idea of the body and the object: the body with the object; the body without an object; the object without the body. The exhibition is constructed like a crossfade where each sculpture becomes like a planar surface on which movement from one work to another is activated.

Attitude and Gathering, two of the most important series of works from the artist, in conjunction with a third more recent one, Plastic Confetti, give this show all the dimensions of an extremely contemporary vision of our world.

“The Switch Up exhibition shows a compendium of decisions where identity is erased in favor of a globalization of information where, more broadly, object and matter end up taking their own authority and lasting autonomy. It would seem that the indecision to do with or without defines us today in a world that is constantly changing, in this contemporary intoxication of stop and go.”
– Daniel Firman

Selected artworks

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Solo Exhibition